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DocuSign lets you sign documents electronically and easily send documents for electronic signature in just minutes. Whether you’re in an office, at home, on-the-go—or even across the globe—DocuSign works every time. It’s safe, secure, and legally binding.



How it works 

The signing process is extremely simple and consists of two phases:


Preparing a document for signing

First the document must be setup for signing. This phase consists of the following steps:
Step 1
Upload your documents: Simply upload Microsoft Word, PDF, or other common document formats from your computer, or popular file-sharing sites like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
Step 2
Add who needs to sign: Add the names and email addresses of your signers and other recipients, and even specify the order of signing.
Step 3
Place tags and send: Drag and drop DocuSign tags to indicate where you need a signature, initial, or dates. You can also add standard or custom data fields for signers to fill in. Then click Send and DocuSign will email a link to recipients where they can access the document. Once the document is complete it’s stored securely for easy retrieval.


Actually signing the documents

The signing phase begins upon the receipt of an invitaion email message by the DocuSign server and consists of these simple steps:

Step 1

Click the link in email: With one click on virtually any internet-enabled device you can access the document and start the document signing process.

Step 2

Follow the DocuSign tabs: Tabs and simple instructions guide you through the signing process, even adopting an electronic signature. Your electronic signatures are 100% secure, legal, and accepted around the world.

Step 3

Confirm, and you’re done: Once you’re finished, click Confirm Signing. You’re done!


For further information please visit DocuSign's site

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